KESAR MANGO is known as the “Queen of Mangoes”. Our Premium Kesar Mangoes come from renowned Geographical Index (GI) protected orchards mostly in the Gujarat state of India.

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Kesar Mango is called the “Queen of Mangoes” for its sweetness. This Mango was developed by the Nawab of Junagarh, who was an avid mango enthusiast. Some of the best Kesar mangoes grow in the Gir region of Gujarat in India.

  • Gir Kesar Mango is unique in flavor and is GI (Geographical Indicator) protected. Gir includes Junagarh and the areas around it.
  • Extremely sweet when ripe our Kesar mangoes come from the traditional mango growing regions of Junagarh/Gir in Gujarat and Aurangabad in Maharashtra India.
  • The Kesar mango turns fully yellow when ripe and is extremely sweet.
  • The Kesar mango from the Gir and Aurangabad belts is very flavorful.
  • The ripe Kesar mango is fiberless and has a saffron yellow flesh, hence the name (Kesar means ‘Saffron’).
  • Each shipment is generally shipped within a week of the batch date. However, please note that the batch dates are only a guideline (based on our experience and best estimate for this season). Actual delivery dates may vary due to seasonal and logistics variations.

Sweet and reliable, this is a very popular mango. Order NOW!!

*The size and count specified is the most likely number based on our experience. Please note that the size of the fruit can vary widely during a season. Count depends upon how many fruits can be safely packed in the box without causing spoilage.

**The weight range specified is a guideline and gives the range when the fruit is being packed. There can be a large variation in the weight of the fruit depending upon many factors such as the rate of ripening, the nature of the fruit etc. Please note that mango can lose weight daily at the rate of 2 to 5 percent.

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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in
Batch Date

05/13/2024, 05/20/2024, 05/27/2024, 06/03/2024, 06/10/2024, 06/17/2024, 06/24/2024, 07/01/2024


Extra Large (24 mangos*), Large (12 mangos*), Small (6 Mangos*)


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