Indian Mangoes

Some of the best mangoes grow in India. Each region has mangoes which are best suited to its climate and grow the best in that soil, so although the same variety could be grown in different regions, still it grows best in a certain area which is known for it. Varieties such as Alphonso (king of mangoes), Kesar (Queen of Mangoes), Chausa (Emperor of Mangoes) and Banganpalli (Pride of Andhra) are some of the top 20 varieties grown here. In addition to these other varieties, such as Rasalu, Ratol, Himayat, Langra, Dussehri, Malda, Bombay, Totapuri, Malgova, Mancurad, Payri, Neelam and Safeda etc. are also very famous. In all India is home to about 2500 mango varieties, including some of the original varieties from which most other varieties were developed. Alphonso Mangoes (Ratnagiri Alphonso / Devgad Alphonso) Banganpalli Mangoes (Benishan) Kesar Mangoes Chausa Mangoes (Chaunsa Mangoes) Langra Mangoes Dussehri Mangoes Rasalu Mangoes Mancurad Mangoes Himayat Mangoes (Imam Pasand) Malgova Mangoes Totapuri Mangoes Mallika Mangoes Payri Mangoes Neelam Mangoes